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Operational Policies

  1. Long and short-term vehicle assignment requests must originate from the requesting fiscal officer and must carry the appropriate administrative approval. All requests are subject to the approval of the director of Campus Service Operations. Special assigned vehicles will be considered only when department needs can not be met by other available service, when the maintenance and safety of the assets of the University will be impaired, when the assignment of a vehicle represents the most economical utilization of university resources, or when it is in the best interest of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
  2. Requests for fleet vehicles must originate from the fiscal officer of the account to be charged.
  3. The transportation manager will function as the control officer with vendors of motorized-wheeled vehicles used on the campus.
  4. University vehicles are to be used EXCLUSIVELY for University business. Travel Service is responsible for reporting charges of misuse of University owned vehicles to the fiscal officer of the account the vehicle is assigned.
  5. Southern Illinois University Carbondale Travel Service, owns and coordinates all purchases, leases, or rentals of vehicles. The processing of all purchases, leases, or rentals of vehicles is vested in the Purchasing Department. To coordinate these purchases, leases, and/or rentals, Travel Service has established the following procedure: the requesting department must submit a requisition to Travel Service signed by the fiscal officer and the immediate supervisor or vice-chancellor. Travel Service will review and forward the requisition to the Director of Campus Service Operations for propriety and fiscal approval. After approval is gained, the requisition will be forwarded to Purchasing for processing.
  6. The priority for providing service is:
    • instruction research
    • administration
    • athletics
    • student activities
  7. All University vehicles must be parked on University property when not in use or away from campus, except when an assigned vehicle is required to be used for commuting purposes in accordance with specific written approval of the President. Such approval may be given only when it is determined that the duties and responsibilities of the employee frequently requires use of a vehicle for University business during times other than the normal business day. A University vehicle may not be used by the employee for personal use other than commuting.
  8. The ultimate responsibility for the proper use and care of the vehicle rests with the fiscal officer who authorized its use.
  9. Any deviation from state policy must be in writing.

General Information

University Automobile Insurance Coverage

All University vehicles are insured for liability coverage under the State of Illinois State Statue (20 ILCS 405/64.1). The Department of Central Management Services, Division of Risk Management/Auto Liability Section in Springfield, Illinois administers this plan. A summary of the Auto Liability Program can be found at https://www2.illinois.gov/cms/benefits/rm/Pages/AutoLiabilityProgram.aspx This coverage provides protection to the University and vehicle drivers/operators in the event of an automobile accident when the University driver/operator is deemed "at-fault" for an accident. University driver/operator must be a University employee--employee shall mean faculty, staff and student worker.

Property damage for rental vehicles is provided only if the University employee renting the vehicle is on TRAVEL STATUS - the term "travel status" shall mean that time during which an individual is eligible to receive reimbursement for travel expenses per rules of the Travel Control Board.

Individual drivers should be aware that using a university vehicle without permission or using a vehicle for purposes other than for which permission was granted, such as running personal errands or deviating from your stated travel itinerary, might result in the loss of liability insurance protection under the State Plan. The University does not carry collision/ comprehensive coverage on fleet vehicles. The first $1000 in damages per incident/accident that occurs to a University vehicle will be charged to the University department using the vehicle.

All accidents involving University vehicles and/or rental vehicles must be reported personally within 48-hours by presenting yourself to the Travel Service office. If you are involved in an accident away from the University and will not be returning for several days, you may report your accident by phone. Be prepared to answer all questions related to your accident, to include, but not limited to, information on all parties involved. Travel Service personnel act as a liaison between the University driver and the Division of Risk Management-Auto Liability Unit in reporting auto accidents within the specified timeframe of seven calendar days. Failure to report accidents in the required timeframe could result in forfeiture of coverage under the State Plan for the state driver and/or agency.

If a claim is made, or suit is brought against a University driver/operator, the driver/operator shall immediately notify Travel Service office personnel to request assistance.

Please be aware that if you are using your personal vehicle while conducting University business, are involved in an automobile accident, and are deemed "at fault" for the accident, your personal automobile insurance coverage will be "primary".

Parking University Vehicles on Campus

University vehicles may be parked in any campus parking lot. Improperly parking a University vehicle is an abuse of policy and is subject to parking regulations. Parking tickets incurred for improper parking are the personal responsibility of the driver and the fiscal officer who requested the vehicle.

Required Annual Certification/Proof on Insurance Forms

The annual certification/proof of insurance forms will be kept at Travel Service.  Every University employee who is assigned a specific vehicle owned or leased by the University on an ongoing basis shall provide the certification annually to Travel Service.

The certification shall affirm that the employee is duly licensed to drive the assigned vehicle and that the employee has liability insurance coverage extending to the employee when the assigned vehicle is used for other than official University business.  Upon the request of Travel Service, the employee shall present evidence to support the certification.  The certification shall be provided during the period July 1 through July 31 of each calendar year, or within 30 days of any new assignment of a vehicle on an ongoing basis, whichever is later.